» Arri Max 18K/12K

» Arri Par 6K/4K/2.5K/1.8K/1.2K

» Joker Bug 800/400W Par (Chimera Ring and Soft Box)

» Dedo 400/575 Par (Chimera Ring, softbox with Gobo Lens)

» Kino Flo with 4FT X 10 bank/8 bank/4 bank

» Kino Flo with 2FT X 4 bank/2 bank

» Kino Flo DIVA 200/400 (Dimmable bi-ax Lamps)

» Dedo 150W with Dimmer

» Arri Tungsten 2K Open face

» Arri 800W Red Heads Opens face (Speed Ring & Chimera softbox)

» Lowel 1000W softie kit

» LED Litepanel 1feet X 1feet (Bi-color)

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